The Home Linen of Innovazione Versilia is the result of an ancient tradition of over 60 years in the heart of Forte dei Marmi.

Always we select the best fabrics to offer our customers only the best in the field of Bathing Textiles , ranging from beach towels, from colorful Beach Foutas to the beautiful Kikoy sarongs.

Thanks to our knowledgeable experience, Innovazione Versilia has specialized in the production of a beach linen line designed exclusively for baths and bathing establishments.

Our Beach Linen is made with materials of excellent quality, all rigorously customizable and designed to cover every need of bathing establishments.

Versilia Innovation customize any item of Beach Linen such as beach fouta, beach bag, beach towel, sarong kikoy and much more.

Innovation Versilia offers an assorted Online sale of Beach Linen to make every relaxing day spent on the beach unforgettable.

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Sea Linen
Sea Linen

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